Private Website Hosting Vs. Automated, Shared Hosting

Everyone likes special attention in this new automated world. No one likes talking to recordings or distant voices overseas, so why do we accept being just a number when it comes to our web host?

Automated webhosting takes away the personalization of customer service and adds you and your online presence to a long list of invisible account IDs. A small group of web hosting companies are changing that and going back to personalized and private hosting. CRH Hosting is one of them.

We want to get to know our customers

We want to get to know our customers instead of answering anonymous ticket request and faceless emails. We would like to hear your voice and know what's really on your mind and what you really want from your website.

Let's talk on the phone sometime so we can get the real deal. But if you like a distant customer service experience, we can do that also and still maintain a solid client relationship. That is what we are here for; to give you the best experience the way you want it.

Personalized support

Advantages of private hosting:

  • More voice time
  • Better understanding of what you need as a professional
  • Personal attention to your issues
  • Quality time with our tech support
  • A better knowledge of what makes your website work

Disadvantages of automated, shared hosting:

  • You're an account number, not a name
  • Higher risk of fraud or identity theft
  • Storage space intrusion
  • Long support wait times
  • Less control over updates and maintenance

If you like the attention and the security of knowing who is actually hosting your valued website data, you should try private hosting. It is no more expensive than shared hosting, but adds a more personal touch to your online experience.

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