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A freelance site for African American entrepreneurs and professionals.

Business Features for the Black CommunityIn collaboration with a few other entrepreneurs have put together a network of websites to help small Black businesses.

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Graphics & Design

Design of all kind. Web, graphics and more. Hire or work.

Digital Marketing

All things digital: advertising online has become big business.

Writing & Publishing

Content writing is the new money-maker online now days. Join in!

Video & Animation

People love images and professional photo shopped copy.

Music & Audio

Music productions, podcast and Internet streaming is a hot market.

Programming & Tech

Coding is big and a needed skill. So is technical support for users.

Business & Finance

Bring your professional skills in business and finance. Teach, advise, and earn big.

Home & Lifestyle

Self-help and many life skills are needed in the community. Bring yours.


Hire a Freelancer

Small businesses that are looking for outside talent can post a project in the marketplace and let the proposals roll in from freelancers.

Work as a Freelancer

Take a snapshot of your skills and summarize them like a resume. Then take the time to sell yourself the same as you would do for a job interview.