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Quality Assurance Testers Wanted

  • Basic Level
  • image North East
  • Type Fixed
  • Duration: More than 06 months

Project Detail

Quality Assurance Testers Wanted [GET PAID]

The Ubuntu Fam Collective is paying out money for people to test our new web-services platforms. We need feedback on whether or not our sites will hold up against Internet traffic and if they are easy to use.

Follow the instructions below step-by-step and we will pay you $2 for each “LIGITIMATE” claim or suggestion you give us.

A “LIGITIMATE” claim or suggestion means that you have found a flaw or error in our system and we are able to go in a fix it. If the claim or suggestion turns out to be user error or non-related to our design, you do not get paid.


1.       Create an account with all four of the platforms
2.       Interact or use the services in the platform (fill out profiles and such)
3.       Upload needed photos and required files
4.       Test and click each link and read the content
5.       Use the help desk to file your suggestions or concerns

Once you have gone through each of the platforms and have sent to us any flaws or suggestion, we will evaluate the claim and if the claim requires us to make repairs or updates, we will pay you $2. It is not that difficult.

In addition, if you enjoy either of the platforms and continue to use them, we will offer you discounts and benefits that you can enjoy for 1 year.

Links to Platforms:

Ubuntu Fam Site Builder

Cloud Places

Ubuntu Fam Marketplace

Gigflow Freelancing


Visit THIS PAGE to make your claims and suggestions.

Thank you and have fun,

Ubuntu Fam Staff

Skills Required