Organized Fundraising

Community and social movements could always use a hand. Volunteering to move forward on a project requires hard work and sacrifice. Fundraising and volunteering are some of those actions. Power is in the hands of the many, not just the few.

Examples of organized fundraising could be a community group challenging gentrification of their neighborhood, voting gerrymandering, over-policing and profiling of residents, or any other struggle against outside forces that seek to change an otherwise stable community.

Change and or resistance to change have come through the masses of the people fighting against the elitist few with money. It can be a struggle to get people together with busy schedules and families to take care of. Organized fundraising helps when there is one group who accounts for all the financial and legal structure.

BIZB helps to organize that group so they can stay focused on the fight and to weed out potential infiltrators. The Collective despises the funds to a certain few people while keeping a close eye on how the funds are being used and reporting the use to the masses of the people on regular bases.

Giving to the organized fundraising project of BIZB guarantees you sleep at night while the fight is being fought. While at the same time you are helping to recruit and spread the word. Go to the contact page and ask any questions you might have.