Contribution and Investment

Helping people overcome difficult and unseen circumstances is a normal human desire. If you have been fortunate enough to succeed in your field, consider giving back to those who are trying to make a change.

The contribution and investment project of BIZB is designed to allow established businesses or entrepreneurs find start-up businesses, research their potential, and decide whether to invest or contribute to their venture.

Those who invest are called Promise Investors because they have pledged to give to and support their start-up business to see their goals achieved. It does not take any certain amount of money to invest, depending on what the start-up company needs.

The start-up can be small businesses, contractors, non-profits, and self-employed individuals. Both the investor and the start-up must have something in common and related to one another in business or networking goals.

To inquire about either investing or receiving funds, please search the site for opportunities or contact us from the contact page and we can match your needs with one or the other.