Community Causes

There are many reasons people need help through donations and activist organization. The social conditions we live in today call for action against injustice, poverty, and unfortunate events. Here you can submit your cause or support a cause.

The BIZB team has researched many issues within the United States and throughout the Diaspora. Below are some causes in which you can support that we believe warrant immediate attention. If you have others, please submit those to us and we will consider their importance.

1.    Support for the victims of police brutality and killings. Legal and moral.
2.    Financial support for unjustly imprisoned individuals.
3.    Legal defense fund for bail, fines, and forced plea deals.
4.    Legal defense for juveniles prosecuted by the school and judicial systems.
5.    Aid to single mothers (and fathers) struggling against the social services system.

These are just a few causes that we are raising money for. The money is dispensed to specific individuals whose identity is kept private to the public but open to supporters and BIZB staff. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to inquire from the contact page.